R.I.P. [Guilty].

Once upon a time, I ran a company called "[Guilty]" with a long-term friend/partner in crime. Unfortunately, she went on a medical leave & it was a mutual decision to end the company. The whole company took up residence in a very neglected corner in my mind, until I recently met a new friend (insert touchdown dance here).

I'd like to make this post long-winding and dramatize it, but the story is quite simple. Tracy (new friend) threatened to shut her store down in "Fashion Emergency," so out of curiosity I landed on her lot. The architect in me at this point was quickly becoming a savage beast, and I quickly succumbed. Two other people landed (whom also became friends), and between the three of us, we re-designed the entire store for "Trubble."

(Pay no attention to tutu girl, for she is lost & a camera whore.)

Since re-paying me in the form of ball gowns & lingerie didn't seem appealing to Tracy, and because I wasn't mentally prepared to delve into the cross-dressing world, she decided to rent me out the dressing room for free. Partially because I fell in love with it. SO, what was I going to do with this new-found home? I decided to haul out a few of my ancient creations & plaster the walls with posters.

The items were created between '04-'05. Due to my laziness and me constantly being M.I.A., I haven't created anything since. I decided this needed to change, hence Bone Carnival. I'm going to re-teach myself texturing, building, & designing. The store will be a mix of pre-fabs, & miscellaneous crap for your avatar that will make you look important. Or something like that.

Anyways, if you want, snag all of the heavily marked down items. Please note: Cobwebs not included.

Visit the collection HERE.

Bone Carnival

Hola. Bonjour. O hai.

I've decided to auction myself off as a designing slave once again. I've also decided to $ell out & jump the bandwagon & get a shiny new blog to make myself feel important. The latter is hereby unsuccessful so far, but I will keep you posted as soon as that changes.

Um, enjoy & all that fun stuff.